WHY custom photography?

As a custom photographer, YOU are my priority! From booking your session to delivering your finished images, I want to exceed your expectations. I'll make sure your session day is fun, comfortable and memorable. Once your session is complete, the editing process begins. I carefully work on each individual image to give attention to every important detail. There are multiple steps to making sure each of your images have perfect color tones, clarity, lighting, crispness, tack sharp focus, and the overall touches perfected. The editing process can take hours or days. Most importantly, I want you to FEEL the memories of this time in your life when you look at your wall gallery.

* Do you have to order prints from Emily Clark Photography?

You are welcome to, but you do not have to! However, the most important part of your photography session is getting the final photographs on your wall!! Because of that, we encourage you to order your prints within the first week that your gallery is available so you can enjoy them as soon as possible. You will also have the option of a complimentary "viewing and ordering session" if you're having trouble deciding which prints to display or need help deciding on sizes. We will meet for a relaxing session to look over your photos, and plan your wall art, Christmas cards, birth announcements, and gifts. 

Additionally, you have the option to purchase print rights to your images. It's very important to offer this to you, as these are YOUR memories. 

* How does your preferred print lab compare to commercial labs?

The print lab that I use prints superior quality prints that are all fade-resistant treated, and printed on the best papers in the business. The lab is only available to professional photographers. Most labs that are inside pharmacy stores, retail stores or groceries, have a basic printer that won't print the full details of your images. Colors, tones, and paper quality, are also far superior in specialty labs, where printing photographic art is the only thing they do. I have worked closely with my print lab to make sure prints are competitively priced, to provide quality and value to everyone.

* Why do you charge extra for additional individuals?

For family photography sessions, all immediate family members are included. This covers parents and children. When we add grandparents for example, I charge a minimal fee for each individual. By adding them to the session, we will be taking photos of the entire group, the grandparents individually, together, with the grandchildren, with their own children, etc. We will be adding many more photos by adding them to the session. So the fee covers the additional, fully edited images that you will be getting.

* Do you offer studio photography?

I have in the past, but have decided to be an "on location" only photographer. I love artistic touches and prefer the uniqueness that outdoor photography offers. I don't enjoy repetitive posing and want to offer each family and individual and personalized experience. Your session is about you!